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PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:14 am    Post subject: SPACE COAST CHAPTER Reply with quote

The Florida Space Coast Chapter.

Florida Space Coast Chapter.

Our X-Mas Party WAS ON THE 3RD OF DEC.
It was not the biggest bunch we had, but we had a lot of fun, We had 18 people showing up, and a few had to cancel do to Illness.
 The weather was good, and driving was not a problem. We started as usual with the Invocation, done beautifully by Dolores Freeburger.   Next Ursula led us in   the Pledge, and Allegiance then the fun began.
We visited for a little while and our Lunch of Turkey or Salmon was served with all the trimmings.
For dessert we had Pecan Pie with a dollop of whipped Cream
 Then it was time for Paul  to raffle of the priceless gifts. 
 We also had lots of gifts this time,and  the fun went on, I think everyone went home with some kind of gift, We sang a couple of Christmas Songs, talked a bit more, and all went on their way.
Another nice Afternoon!


Having problems posting pictures

Space Coast Chapter Aug. 6  Luncheon.

On a very hot and humid day 22 Members and friends gathered for our Summer Luncheon. Only one could not show up do to illness. However, we had a very happy bunch of  People.

Dolores  Freeburger gave a great Invocation, and Paul ILL let us in the Pledge of the Allegiants.

After about 40 minutes of visiting, and talking. Our Lunch was served. As usual it was great! We could choose from a Turkey Cobb Salad, or Snapper with a Roosted Pecan sauce, with all the trimmings, served with Buns, Butter, Coffee or Tea,

Dessert: carrot Cake.

After Lunch we visited for a while, and then raffled off Paul's prickles Gift bags.

The time had come to raffle of the 5 Door Prices.

Not to forget the Freeburger's had made, the cutest little cubs filled with different Chocolates, one for ea, person.

After almost 3 hrs, we closed meeting, and we all went on our way.

It was a fun Meeting, and a lot of talking and sharing stories went on.

Our X-mas meeting will take Place Dec, 3.

On a nice warm day on the December 3, the gang got together to celebrate our Annual Christmas Party.

We had 24 bookings, but unfortunately, 3 of our members could not make it. do to illness.But we had a great surplice! Rosita Acevedo came for the first time since she lost her beloved Husband and our old time Friend, Gilbert. It was great to welcome her again.

As usual we started out with A Invocation, given so wonderfully by Dolores Freeburger. Paul ILL led us in the Allegiance to the flag. Now it was time to mingle and bring up all the news of the, since the last meeting. After our great  Lunch of either Red Snapper or Ham, with all the trimmings coffee, tea, rolls and butter, and Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream. We where ready for Business Ursula reminded us of the upcoming Reunion,also that the annual dues was do, and John Knobloch gave a god speech on the Reunions, and all the fun the have.

Ursula read a poem about the a soldier on Christmas night, being out tin the cold, and watching over us day and night. Most Men to not like to shop with their wife's. Ursula read a story about a guy that hated shopping too, and he got in to all sorts of trouble in the store, The camera's picked it up, and the wife was send a letter that her, and her Husband were banned  from the store. Problem solved!

Now it was time to get to the raffles. And did we have the packages.

Paul raffled of his priceless gifts first, than came the gift exchange, and lastly the door prizes. I think every body went home with at least one or two gifts, some of them more.

After over three hours we wrapped it up, and were ready to get back home

A good time was had by everyone. Ursula wished everyone  blessed and Merry Christmas, and a Happy, healthy New Year., and all of you reading this, too!!


Or next Year's  Meeting will be held  2 April,  6 August,  3 December.

                Space Coast Chapter.


Our Summer Luncheon was held Aug.. 1. We had a good turnout, but at the last minute 3 of our members could not make it. We still ended up with 20 members and friends.

We had a very hot, and early Summer, and that day, was no different.

Ursula opened up the Meeting, and Dolores Freeburger gave the Invocation, and Paul ILL led us in the Pledge of the Allegiance.


After a good while of chatting our Lunch of Red Snapper with all the trimmings, or an Oriental Salad with  grilled Chicken was served, followed by Coffee, and Ice Cream.

After Lunch we have a short business Meeting, but not before Ursula read us a few funny jokes, they got a few laughs.


She discussed our finances, which are in good shape, and we talked about the Reunion.


 Now it was time for Paul to Raffle of his 4 bags Of priceless Gifts  .  

Next we raffled of the Table Decorations, and last we raffled of the Door Prices.

Afterwards we took a group picture, talked a while longer, and Ursula closed the meeting.


All had a good time, and the food was delicious as always.

I hope every one has a good Fall Season!

Our next Meeting will be on Dec.5.


Ursula Aamodt  



         Florida Space Coast Chapter

On a wonderful, sunny day, April 1, we held our Easter Luncheon at "The At Ease Club" in Melbourne.We had a great turnout of 24 members, and friends.

Our dear friend Ruth Kaufman passed away last month, after a long illness. She had moved to NY to be closer to her Daughter. Gil Acevido also has been ill for a long time, and he is in a Rehab Center. We missed bot him and his wife Rosita.
The ones who showed up,  had a great time.

Present were: Paul ILL, and Janet Hudson,Vi Allen and her daughter Virginia, Paul and Dolores Freeburger, Joan Brooks, and her sister Shirley with Husband Jack Coleman,
Ed and Virginia  Lipton, our long lost friends Michael Braden, and his wife Lee. Ursula Aamodt, Fred and Rosalie Garman, Ivan and Evelia Calderon, Don and Maria Griffith, with guests, daughter Rosie, and husband John Zimmermann, and friends  and Karl and Heidrun Kristjanson.

Our Menu choices were Salmon, or sliced Pork loin with all the trimmings. Our dessert was a luscious Strawberry Sunday, topped with whipped cream.

We had time to mingle, and meet and greet each other.Lot's of catching up to do.
Before Lunch was served, Dolores Freeburger gave the Invocation, and Ursula let us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

After Lunch Ursula told us about the Reunion next  April 14.  We also had a short business meeting. The kitty was on low, and some money was collected for the coming year.
Now it was time to  Raffle off 10 Table decoration, Paul's priceless gift bags, and the door prices.

A good time was had by all Members. Ursula wished everyone a blessed Easter, and a good trip home.
 Our next Meeting will be held Aug. 1, 20015.

Pictures will be send later.
Hope you had a nice Easter, and are staying well.

    Florida Space Coast Chapter.

We had our latest Christmas Luncheon Dec. 6, and had a nice crowd of 23 members, and friends.
Unfortunately the Acevedo's, and Vince Allen could not be present, do to illness. They were sorely missed.

But the folks who showed up had a great time.
We started our meeting with the Invocation led by Dolores Freeburger, and Paul ILL, leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ursula welcomed everyone, and we all sat down for a good shad and a drink, till our Lunch was served  at noon.
We had a choice of delicious Salmon or a Turkey Dinner. Both were excellent.

After Lunch Ursula had a short meeting, and Carlos Bowden told us about the wonderful trip he had with the Honor Flight.

Ursula read a Christmas Poem, and sang the first verse of "Silent Night" in German, everyone followed by singing it all in English.
 Now it was time to exchange gifts, followed by raffling off Paul's " Priceless Gifts", Table Decorations, and Door Prices.
We closed with singing " We wish you a Merry Christmas". Ursula wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

After a bit more visiting, we were ready to get back on the road.
Or Next years Luncheons will be held :
April 4
August 1
Dec. 5.

 Front Row: Georgette Diaz, Evelia Calderon, Shirley Coleman, Ursula Aamodt, Janet Hudson.

2nd Row: Paul ILL, Ivan Calderon, Rosalie Garman, Dolores Freeburger, Joan Brooks, Bonnie Bowden,
Virginia Lupton, Janet Hudson.

Back Row: Peter Diaz, Fred Garman, Paul Freeburger, Don Griffith, Jack Coleman Carlos Bowden, Ed Lupton


Florida Space Coast Chapter

       Space Coast Chapter

We had out latest Luncheon on August 9. We had a good turnout of 16 Members and Friends.
Unfortunately Vince Allen could not join us because of Health Problems. But his wife Vi, took his meal home to him.
We had a choice of the most delicious Salmon and a fantastic Oriental Chicken Salad. A very yummy Coconut pie for dessert.
We had a wonderful time visiting, before the Lunch was served, and the meeting began.
Dolores said a very inspiring Invocation, and Paul ILL let us in the Pledge of the Allegiance.
After Lunch Ursula welcomed everyone, and we held a short Meeting. We talked about the Reunion our funds in the Kitty, before going into the fun part of the meeting
As usual we raffled of 5 bags of "Paul's Priceless Gifts", as well as 5 Packages of Door Prizes.
After that, we sat around and visited for quiet some time, telling stories and just having fun and laughing. It turned out to be a very nice and, comfortable time.
Then came time to go home
Ursula closed the meeting and wished all a good. and save summer.

Ursula Aamodt President


 Space Coast Chapter
April 12, we held our annual Easter Luncheon. It was a very intimate Luncheon, since only 7 members showed up. We all set around one big table.
Unfortunately we had a couple of members hospitalized, others where feeling ill, and some had other commitments. But the 7 of us had a very good time, but felt sad for the ones that could not be with us. None of our Orlando friends could come, because of illness. We hope that all of them are felling better now, and will be with us for the next Luncheon.

Dolores Freeburger opened the meeting with a very nice, and powerful Invocation, and Paul ILL let us in the Pledge.We all sat around and visited and talked, till our Lunch was served. We had a choice of Ham, or Tilapia with all of the trimmings, and a Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae.
We held a very short Business Meeting, and talked about the Reunion.
Now it was time for the raffling off, the Prizes. First came  5 of Paul's Priceless Gift Bags, 4 Easter Baskets made by Ursula, and 3 nice Easter Bags, filled with German Goddies. Everybody went home with a gift, and some of them with two.
We sat around the table for a while longer, than it was time to leave. We had 3 nice hours of mingling, and visiting.

Our Next Meeting will be 9 August. Hope to see all of you there.

Ursula Aamodt

On a beautiful, sunny day , April 6, the Chapter held their Meeting on the  Patio of the of the "At Ease Club" in Melbourne. Again we had a small turnout with 14 attendees. The Lupton had to cancel at the last minute, do to illness.
Present were Paul and Dolores Freeburger, Vi Allen and her daughter Virginia,Ruth Kaufmann, Paul ILL, and Janet Hudson, Art and Irene Hetzler, with their son in law Dale Steel, Ursula Aamodt, Don and Maria Griffith, and their guest Rosa Leuka.

The Acevido's could not be with us, do to a conflict of schedules, and the Calderon's  were absent do to illness. Evelia was in the Hospital, but is coming along pretty well.  Get well soon, Evelia. We missed you!

Our menu choices were either Tenderloin Tips, or the Clubs  Par 3 Salad., with was served  at 12.30PM. Both were delicious ! Our dessert was Strawberry Sundae.
Before we ate., Dolores Freeburger gave the Invocation, and Paul ILL lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
We had plenty of time before our lunch was served to mingle , and visit.
After Lunch Ursula opened the meeting. We digussed the Reunion, signed cards for our stay at home friends, talked about the friend we lost in the past year, and just talked in general. We talked about our plans for the summer, and the trips we were taken.
With full stomach's we were ready for some fun.

We raffled of 5 of Paul's priceless  gift bags, and you should have seen what came out of them! Ruth's handmade table decorations were next. But last but not least the 3 door prizes.
One beautiful wine basket, A big tub of Pretzels, and some cookies, plus another bag of goodies.
Everyone was happy with their prizes.

Nobody was ready to go, so we formed a big circle, and visited  some more.

Ursula closed the meeting, wishing everyone a great, and healthy summer.

Our next meeting is scheduled for August 10.


The Florida Space Coast Chapter.

Florida Space Coast Chapter.

Our quarterly Luncheon was held June 16, at the" At Ease Club"  in Melbourne.
Present for the lunch of either London Broil, or Oriental Chicken Salad were 12 members. Ursula opened the meeting, Dolores Freeburger gave the invocation, and Paul ILL led us in the Pledge of the Allegiance.

We visited for about 40 minutes, and our Lunch was served about noon.
Present where Paul and Dolores Freeburger, Don and Maria Griffith, Gil and Rosita Acevedo, Ivan and Evelia Calderon, Ruth Kaufmann, Ursula Aamodt, Paul ILL, and Janet Hudson. Even thou we were a small group this time, we had a lot of fun, and really got a good chance to visit.
We missed our friends the Hetzler's, the Allen's, and the Lupton's, as well as our old friend Bill Burmester. Bill was in the Hospital at the time, after a bad fall. He passed on June 21. He will be sorely missed. I visited him on June 17 in the Intensive Care Unit, and got him to laugh, as we joked around. I knew it would be the last time I would see him. I left the next day for San Francisco. Paul ILL, and Janet Hudson, took wonderful care of him the last couple of years.

After Lunch we had a short business meeting. Then we raffled of Paul's priceless gifts, as you can see by the pictures, everybody had fun!
Next came Ruth's handmade table decorations, and the wonderful, handmade wreath. Last but not least we raffled of a great History book, and a box of delicate cookies.
Everyone went home with a gift of some kind.
After visiting for a while longer, Ursula closed the meeting, wishing everyone a great summer.

Our next luncheon will be held September 22.


Space Coast Chapter.    

On the 19th of November, 17 members and friends got together for a very delicious Thanksgiving Luncheon.
Ursula was traveling all month of December, and had to move up, what was supposed to be the Christmas luncheon, to November.

She had 17 wonderful days in Hawaii, and spend 10 days in Seattle, visiting with friends, and spending Christmas with her youngest son.

The following members and friends enjoyed the luncheon in the Stained Glass Room, at the "At Ease Club" Indian River Colony Club, in Viera: Paul and Dolores Freeburger, Paul ILL, and Janet Hudson, Bill Burmester, Don and Maria Griffith with friends Heidrun, and Karl Kristjansen, Ruth Kaufmann, Ed and Virginia Lupton, Bob and Joan Brooks, accompanied  by Joan's sister Shirley Coleman, and husband Jack, and Ursula Aamodt.
We opened the meeting with Paul ILL leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Dolores Freeburger gave the invocation.
Some of our friends could not be with us, do to illness. We hope all of them are well enough for our next Luncheon, on March 24. 2012.

After lunch, Ursula reminded everyone to be sure and pay their dues for 2012, and she talked about the upcoming Reunion.

The time had come to raffle of 6 bags of Paul's priceless gifts. You name it we had it! Everything from Christmas decorations to toiletries, snacks to pens, and pencils. We had it all!

Ruth had made 6 table decorations, and  some pretty Fall decorations. All were raffled off, including a door prize, and a bottle of wine.
Everyone went home with something.

Happy New Year to all! May Peace, Health and Happiness be with you through the coming year!



Space Coast Chapter
On Saturday, 24 September 2011, the following sixteen enjoyed the ACICV Space Coast luncheon: Ursula Aamodt; Paul Ill; Janet Hudson; Ruth Kaufmann; Virginia and Ed Lupton; Vi and Vince Allen; Rosita and Gil Acevedo; Joan and Bob Brooks; Evelia and Ivan Calderon; Bill Burmester and guest Stan Stan Solin.
Ursula opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance to the flag followed by a humorous list of "announcements" from a South African Airline.
After a fabulous lunch served in the Stained Glass Room of the "At Ease Club" Indian River Colony Club, Viera, FL, Ursula tested our brains with riddles-everyone was solved by the alert on-the-ball guests in time for dessert.
Enter the program, Paul Ill conducting his famous raffle-(Paul scouts the area giveaways such as health fairs, banks, and all sorts promotions to come up with an eclectic collection of "gifts" which he assembles in big numbered bags.) Everybody has a ticket for the drawings-winners pick the bag number containing who knows what-I won a can of Calamares (Squid), 2012 Calendar, note pad, pedometer, plastic bag etc.
Each table had a neat floral centerpiece made by Ruth Kaufmann-these were also raffled off and taken home.
Ursula brought us up to date pitching the 2012 ACICV Reunion to be held 7-11 May in Branson, MO.
The Thanksgiving Luncheon will be held Saturday, 19 November 2011.
Later, Paul, Ursula and I drove Ruth Kaufmann to the Orlando Airport. She was off on a trip to Albany, NY and later to Prague.  
Paul Ill and Janet Hudson are committed to the Honor Flight Program. In fact the next morning (3am) they were seeing a vet off.
This is a great way to honor WWII vets who are now in their mid 80s and beyond.
The Vets, mostly WWII at this time, are flown to DC, to visit and reflect at their memorial. This journey includes in addition to the flight, deluxe bus transportation, meals T-shirts and any other amenities needed to make their trip comfortable.
When I returned to California I checked it out
I did find activity in San Diego and Riverside County, CA.

~Stan Solin



The Space Coast Chapter.

The members of the Space Coast Chapter met again June 25, at the "Stained Glass Room" at the Indian River Colony Club.
Our attendance for this meeting was the smallest we have ever had.  Only 10 members. Many members are at their Summer places in the mountains, some had company, and others could not be with us do to illness.
We also lost our dear friend Maria Rauzi, two weeks ago. She will be sorely missed.

After a delicious Lunch of London Broil, or Talapia Francais, we started our meeting.

Despite the small crowd, we had a great time, and a good meeting.
The members in attendance where Paul ILL and Janet Hudson, Ruth Kaufmann, Ed and Virginia Lupton, Joan and Bob Brooks, Maria and Don Griffith, and Ursula Aamodt.
After a short business meeting, Ursula read some jokes about the Florida Seniors, and Virginia Lupton came up with a good one too.
Than it was time to raffle of the many prizes.
We had a little Americana trivia, and Bob Brooks won the first price, and Paul ILL won the second prize.
Paul had 5 bags of priceless gifts to raffle off. They are always a great hit.
The table decorations made by Ruth Kaufmann were next to go, and 4 lucky winners went home with them.
The door prize was a beautiful red, white, and blue Door wreath, made by Ruth, and Joan Brooks was happy winner.

After a bit more visiting we all were faced driving  home in streaming rain.
No one minded, we needed it real bad.

Our next meeting is planned for Sept 24, and our Thanksgiving meeting on November 19.



The members of the chapter met again March 26, for our annual Easter Luncheon.

Ursula opened the meeting with the Invocation, and Paul ILL let us in the pledge of Allegiance. As usual we met at the Stained Glass Room at the Indian River Colony Club. After welcoming everyone, we settled down for a couple of drinks and some visiting, before our lunch was served.

Twenty members enjoyed a nice Lunch of either Chicken Princess, or a beautiful plate of Shrimp and Fruit.

After lunch we took a few minutes to remember our long time friends Dick Snyder, and Mel Thayer, as well as the folks in Japan, stricken by the horrible earthquake.
We missed a few members do to illness, and wish them all a quick recovery.

Our next meeting  is set for June 25.

After a short business meeting, Paul and Ruth entertained themselves with a chicken race. I never did find out who won!
Ursula read some Easter Humor, and  she read a story about a " Secret Service Bunny".
She also had some humorous  Easter questions, that we had to answer.

Next we raffled off eight of Paul's "Precious Gift bags".
Six lucky winners won the Easter baskets, made by Ruth Kaufmann.

The last two gifts went to the longest married couple,and was won by Ed and Virginia Lupton, and the Birthday gift, that went to Don Griffith.

After all the prizes were gone, we visited for a little while longer, and Ursula closed the meeting, wishing every one a very Happy Easter.



                 The Florida space Coast Chapter.
                                      Ursula Aamodt, President

Our quarterly luncheon was held on December 18th. Seventeen members were in attendance.  It was our annual Christmas luncheon, and the business meeting was held in short order. Ursula gave us the rundown on the Upcoming Reunion, and encouraged everyone, planing to attend, to fill out their applications and mail them in as soon as possible. She also mentioned that the yearly dues was due, and without payment, there would be "NO" A/R.

It was also the time of year, to select our leader for 2011. Ursula was voted back in, and  will keep the reigns for another year.
We also discussed the financial status of our chapter, and with generous donations, we are in very good shape, again.
We missed some of our members at the luncheon, and hope all of them are up to speed again.

After a great lunch of Tilapia or London Broil, we went over into part, that we all like best. Having fun!
We all started out by singing, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas , and We wish you a Merry Christmas. Yes, you could hear us, clear through the Club House!

Ursula read a funny Christmas poem, and we sang Jingle bells afterwards.

It was time to give out the Birthday present of the month. Bob Brooks was the lucky winner. The Carderon's  lucked out, and won the Anniversary Gift, a beautiful angel.
We had our gift exchange. A lot's of ooh's' and ahah's  were heard. The table decorations were raffled of next. Four very nicely decorated Christmas trees, went home with the winners. Last but not least, two door prices were raffled of, and proudly taken home.
After a little more visiting, Ursula closed the meeting with us singing "Silent Night" with a couple of brave soles singing the first verse in German, and the 3 remaining verses we all sang in English.

Ursula send us off, by wishing us all "A very, merry Christmas, and A Happy new year". Our next years meeting's are scheduled for:

March 26
June 25
Sept. 24
DEC. 17

Happy New year to all!





Florida Space Coast Chapter.

Our annual Fall meeting was held 18 September.
Ursula had asked  the chefs of the At Ease Club, to prepare a real German Lunch for us. And a fine Lunch it was, and plenty of it. Our 19 members enjoyed the German Potato salad, Red Cabbage, Bratwurst and Knackwurst, and freshly baked rolls. Beer was also available.
Before Lunch Ursula opened the Meeting, and gave the invocation. Paul ILL let us in the Pledge of the Allegiance.

Present for the feast where: Paul ILL and Janet Hudson, Bill Burmester, Ruth Kaufmann, Maria Rauzi, and her friend Brenda, Paul and Dolores Freeburger, Ivan and Evelia Calderon, Gil and Rosita Acevedo, Marie and Don Griffith, Ursula Aamodt, Bob and Joan Brooks, and Ed and Virginia Lupton.
From what I saw and heard, everyone  enjoyed the food.

Our friends the Hetzler's, could not be with us this time, neither could our friends the Allen's. But we really missed them.

After Lunch we had a short business meeting. Ursula brought us up on the latest information for the upcoming Reunion. She also talked about her trip to Alaska, and lots of questions were asked.
Ursula also brought up the chapter financial standing.

While listening to German Music, we opened up for the fun part of the meeting. As usual Paul ILL had 5 bags of priceless gifts to be raffled of.

The Birthday prize of a nice Seasonal dish went to Dolores Freeburger, and the Anniversary Gift, a nice Seasonal Plate, went to the Calderon's.

The six handcrafted Fall baskets, made by our talented Ruth Kaufmann, went to Don Griffith,Dolores Freeburger,Evelia Calderon, Virginia Lupton,Pail ILL,and Rosita Acevedo.

After visiting for a few more minutes, Ursula closed the meeting.
Our Christmas Luncheon will be held December 18. For Info call Ursula PH 321-254-4335.

Happy Fall to all!

Ursula Aamodt

Standing L - R

Maria Griffith, Bill Burmester, Joan Brooks,  Bob Brooks, Paul Freeburger, Don Griffith, Gil Acevedo, Ed Lupton, Ivan Calderon, Paul ILL, Ruth Kaufmann,Ursula Aamodt.

front row:
Maria Rauzi, Dolores Freeburger, Rosita Acevedo, Virginia Lupton, Evelia Calderon

l-r standing
Maria Griffith, Bill Burmester, Joan Brooks,  Bob Brooks, Paul Freeburger, Don Griffith, Gil Acevedo, Ed Lupton, Ivan Calderon, Paul ILL, Ruth Kaufmann,Ursula Aamodt.

front row:
Maria Rauzi, Dolores Freeburger, Ursula Aamodt Rosita Acevedo, Virginia Lupton, Ruth Kaufmann, Evelia Calderon


Florida Space Coast Chapter.

The Florida Space Coast Chapter met June 26, for the Forth of July Luncheon.
Twentyone members came to celebrate the occasion, including Henry and Joyce Reis-El- Bara, George and Donna Stephanson, Vi and Vic Allen, Maria Rauzi and her  guest Brenda, Paul ILL, and Janet Hudson, Bill Burmester, Maria and Don Griffith, and their guest's Heidrun and Carl, Joan and Bob Brooks, Ruth Kaufmann, Ed and Virginia Lupton, and Ursula Aamodt.
Ivan and Evelia Calderon had to cancel at the last minute.

After the Pledge of the Allegiance, led by Paul ILL, Ursula led us in singing "America the Beautiful". You could hear us, all through the club House.

After our one hour of visiting, we sat down to a very tasty Lunch.

We had a very short bussiness meeting. Ursula talked about the Reunion, and Paul ILL made the financial reports available, for the members to read.
We also showed the Reunion Video, and Ursula talked about the next Reunion in New Orleans(?).
Our funds were getting a bit low, and the hat was past around, and we made out like bandits. We will be good for at least another year, or two. Great job members!

We lost a great friend just before our meeting. Our good friend, Ann Durett, from the Orlando Chapter. She will be sadly missed. She came to be with us, when ever she could. She will be in our prayers.

Paul opened the fun part of our luncheon, by raffling of his priceless gifts. Six big bags went to the lucky winners.

Bill Burmester won the Birthday gift, a nice Candle holder, and the Allen's won the Anniverssary gift, a nice Picture, that spoke of the Love they have shared over the last 59 years. Congratulations!

Janet Hudson was the winner of the doorprize, a beautiful, handmade flower basked, made by Ruth Kaufmann.
Lastly the 5 table decorations were raffled of.
After almost 3 hours of fun and camerade, Ursula closed the meeting, wishing everyone a safe, and fun summer.

Our next meetings will be held:  September 18
                                        and    December  18

Ursula Aamodt

L-R Back Row:  Joan Brookls, Vick Allen, Bob Brooks, Don Griffith,
Joyce Reis-El-Bara, Paul Ill, Virginia & Ed Lupton, and Donna & George

Middle Row:  Maria Griffith & Ursula Aamodt

Front Row:  Bill Burmester, Henry Reis-El-Bara, Vi Allen, Ruth Kaufmann & Maria Rauzi

 The Florida Space Coast Chapter

Ursula Aamodt

Sixteen members enjoyed our Easter luncheon at the "At Ease Club", in Melbourne, Fl.

Ursula opened the luncheon with the Invocation, and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

She welcomed all the members. Unfortunately two members had to cancel at the last minute. Our friend Bill Burmester had to be hospitalized for a few days, but is doing very well now.
Maria Rauzi took a bad fall, and was not able to be with us.She too, is doing much better now.

Paul ILL and Janet Hudson had  a prior engagement, and could not be with us.
Several other members were unable to attend, mostly because of health problems. We hope all of them are well enough to attend our next Luncheon.

After an hour of visiting, our Lunch was served.
We could choose from a menu of either a nice Oriental Chicken Salad,or Tenderloin Beef tips. As usual, the chef did a nice job, and the food was delicious.

After lunch, Ursula read a poem, about Easters of years past.

Raffling of the table decorations, made by Ruth Kaufmann was next. Six happy winners went home with some cute Easter trees. We also raffled of five bags of European Chocolates. Yummy!
The door prize was the last item to be raffled of, a beautiful spring Wreath, made by Ruth.
Every one went home with one prize or another, and big smiles on their faces.

Ursula closed the meeting, wishing all, a very Happy Easter, and a wonderful Spring.

Our next three meetings are scheduled for:

26 June
18 September
18 December

     The Florida Space Coast Chapter.

On 19 December  we held our annual Christmas Luncheon. Fourteen members joined us for the celebration at the "At ease Club", in Melbourne, FL.

After the Invocation and the Pledge of the Allegiance, we had a minute of silence to remember our to friends Hubert Aamodt , and Ray Banks. We lost both of them, within a two weeks, in October. They will be sorely missed.
We settled down for an hour of visiting.
The weather was very sunny , and warm, and we were all glad to be in Florida, or as most of us call it " in Paradise".  After a scrumptious Lunch, Ursula  held a short business meeting, and reminded all of us not to forget to pay our dues. We also talked about the upcoming Reunion, and the need, to make our reservations.
Financially we are fine, thanks to the generous donations of our members. It allows us to have  handmade table decorations, and door prizes for each meeting.
Unfortunately several of our members had to cancel at the last minute, due to illness, or for other reasons. We sent all of them cards, to let them know we were thinking about them, and missed them. I hope all are well enough to join us for our next Luncheon, 27 March.
Ursula will be our President again, for 2010.

We celebrated our Christmas Luncheon, by  singing " We wish you a Merry Christmas".  Ursula read a poem, " A sunny Christmas", that explained to our Northern friends, how WE feel, about our warm and sunny weather.
We had our gift Exchange, and after all the ooh's and aha's, sang "Jingle Bells", with very enthusiastic voices. It was time to raffle off  the 5 table decorations, and the door Prize.
We closed our meeting by Ursula singing the first verse of "Silent Night" in German. But not to be out-done, Henry Reis- El- Bara, gave his retention of the first verse. We all sang the rest of the verses in closing. Even though we had a small group this time, we had a lot of fun!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Our dates for out 2010 meetings are:

27 March
26 June
18 September
18 December


Here are some photos from the March 21, 2009 meeting:

The Florida Space Coast Chapter
Our annual Christmas Meeting/ Luncheon was held on December 6th, at the "At Ease Club" in Indian River Colony Club, in Melbourne.
We had a good turnout of 25 members. Several members could not be with us, because of illness.  Those who came, had a great time .

The tables were decorated, with white table cloth, red and green napkins, beautiful Poinsettias, and candies to munch on. The room was aglow with more Poinsettias.

Ursula welcomed the members, and we settled down for an hour of Socializing.  Ursula opened the meeting, Paul ILL led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Bill Burmester gave the Invocation.

We all sat down and enjoyed our dinner of luscious London Broil, or Chicken Francais, with all the usual trimmings. Dessert was great too. Ice Creme  with Cream De Mentheand a cherry.

At the brief business meeting, Ursula brought up the Reunion again, and encouraged every one who was going to attend to send in their payment. The annual members dues was also brought up.

Ursula volunteered to stay on as President for 2009.

We started the festivities by singing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas".
Ursula told about Christmas in her native Germany, and her family Christmas Traditions, there.

Paul ILL brought his 10 bags of "Priceless Gifts", and they were raffled off.

The gift exchange was next on the list. Everyone enjoys the exchange .Since our crafty person, Ruth Kaufmann, was laid up, with a bad back, and could not make her usual door prizes, we raffled all of the Poinsettias. Everyone went home with a beautiful flower. For our closing we all sang "Silent Night, with Ursula singing the first verse, in German.
Ursula closed the meeting, by wishing everyone a very Merry, and blessed Holiday season.

Ursula Aamodt reports that the Fall meeting of the chapter was held at the usual site, Indian River Colony Club, on September 28, with nineteen members present. This was the smallest group so far. Several members were absent, due to illness, and conflicting schedules. Regardless of the small group, we all enjoyed our time together.
After a welcome by Ursula, the group sat down for the cocktail our, and some friendly chit chat.
At 12:30 Ursula opened the meeting, with Paul ILL leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ursula gave the Invocation.

After a luscious Lunch,  We had a short Business meeting, and Ursula discussed the 2009 Reunion, and gave out Registration Forms.
Our Christmas Luncheon is set for DEC. 6.
Vic Allen took the Microphone and told us about his Interview for TV.
Two days later he was on Channel 5 for a nice Interview, about  his time in the Army. We now have a TV personality in our midst.
Then it was time to have fun.

As usual, Paul ILL came up with 10 bags of “Precious Gifts”. 10 lucky winners went home, with one of a kind gift bags, full of goodies.
The beautiful  Fall table decorations, made by our gifted Ruth Kaufmann, were raffled off, next. Everybody wanted one, but six winners were the lucky recipients.

The big prize, a beautiful Fall wreath was won by Joyce Reis-El Bara.
It was another fun day for all of us, and we are all looking forward to our Christmas Luncheon.









The Space Coast Chapter met July 12, for our annual patriotic, red, white and blue Luncheon. The meeting was held at the Indian River Colony Club.
All the decorations were made by Ruth Kaufmann.

The 22 members included four members, from the Orlando Chapter.
After one hour of visiting and Cocktails, Ursula opened the meeting.
After the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Paul ILL, and the Invocation, given by Ivan Calderon, Ursula welcomed all members.

After a scrumptious lunch, of either Oriental Chicken Salad , or Tenderloin Beef Tips, followed by Ice Cream Sundaes, we got down to the usual short business meeting.

A few of our members could not join us, because of illness, or other commitments. The rest of us had a fun time.

The beautiful table decorations were raffled off, and six lucky winners took them home. We also raffled off two very nice door prizes. One, a artfully crafted patriotic basket, and a beautiful Cosmetic basket. Luckily, it was won by a lady, Lillian Banks.

We still had five mystery gifts to raffle off, and, of course, the ever so popular, 10 bags of precious gifts, prepared by Paul Ill, and Janet Hudson.

Janet also was the Photographer for the day.

Ursula read a poem " Our Flag", and we all joined her in singing, "America the Beautiful".

We closed the meeting, after listening to a couple of fun stories, and jokes.

Our next meeting is to be held on 27 September.

Now here are the photos of the event:

Back Row L-R
Joan Brooks, Ray Banks, Gil Acevedo, Bob Brooks, Don Griffith, Henry Reis-El Bars, Vic Allen, Paul Ill, Don Fox, Fran Fox
Middle Row:
Rosita Acevedo, Joyce Reis-El Bara, Marie Griffith, Evelia & Ivan Caldreron, Vi Alllen
Front Row:
Bill Burmester, Lillian Banks, Hugh Aamodt, Ursula Aamodt & Pat Schroeder

Bob Brooks

Don Griffith

Don Griffith

Ivan Calderon wi;th the flag he donated to the chapter.

Gil Acevedo, & Ursula Aamodt passing out prizes

Lillian Banks with her door prize.

Paul Ill & Ursula Aamodt handing out prizes

Pat Schroeder, Ursula Aamodt & Fran Fox

Pat Schroeder, Henry Reis-El Bara  & Paul Ill

Gil Acevedo receiving his prize from Paul Ill

Paul Ill

Vic & Vi Allen

Urusla Aamodt, the chapter president, doing what she does best

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